ram man

Continued from yesterday, most people chose [ram ally]. And so…

You’ve had it. You ram [Throckmorton] with all your might. He tells you to scram. You do it again. Beat it! Again. Enough already!! Again! WHAM! He finally looks up, enraged, but you don’t stop. You ram him again and again and again and–

[Throckmorton] rises with a thunderous growl. He swats you through the ceiling of the cell as he grows to colossal proportions, snarling and snapping along the way. He erupts through the rear of the Sky Box, igniting pure chaos. 

A prison riot breaks out as you fight the winds atop the ship. None of the guards pay you any mind as they throw everything they have at [Throckmorton]. Jets buzz and Walkers stomp. You make it to the wing of the ship as it starts to lose altitude, look back, and hesitate. 


Choose what you do next!

The results

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