bye-bye, riot in the sky

Continued from yesterday, [wait] just barely won. And so…

You decide to wait it out a bit and see what happens. Not a bad idea, because prison riots are crazy, and that goes doubly so for sky prison riots. [Throckmorton] seems lost in it all as he thrashes his foes, but he casts a quick glance your way and winks, holding up one finger as if to say, “Just a sec.” 

Sure enough, a moment later he spikes his last enemy, runs over, scoops you up, and takes a daredevil leap off the wing of the Sky Box right as it EXPLODES. 

You’re pretty sure that’s the coolest possible way it could have ended, but you don’t have time to appreciate it. You need to direct [Throckmorton] toward a safe place to land and… wait, is that the creature from earlier? And does it still have that stupid bone in its mouth?!


Choose a spot!

You chose… wisely?

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