Japanese Hamburglars

You know what really burns my biscuits?

All this Final Fantasy anniversary bullshit. Square Enix is about as big a bunch of crooks as you’re likely to meet this side of EA. As if their reluctance to put anything up on the Virtual Console wasn’t bad enough, now they’re doing one of those FFIII-style 3D remakes of FFIV. I know the games are adored by millions, and heck, I dabble myself, but at a certain point you’re just preying on the vacant minds of your fans.

I shouldn’t even be dogging SE about it, though– they’re just running a business in the way that every RPG nerd in the world lets them do it.

Speaking of games, who wants to talk about awesome bosses here? I think I’ll declare Midnight tonight through Midnight next Thursday BOSS WEEK on The JLR. Stay tuned.

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