Boss Week: Sit on It!

Nothing says impervious strength like resting on your laurels while some cretinous doer of good tries to stab you in your head and/or other vulnerable points. Hell, you’ve probably been polishing your weak spots for a month just so they would shine the perfect hue.

If you’re a boss in a videogame and you’re sitting down throughout the entire battle, you’re fucking awesome– there’s no two ways about it. Let’s take a moment to soar through time and peep the best of the rest(ing).

Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts (1988) – Loki

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (1990) – Fat Cat

Bosses like this are so amazing that they’re few and far between! There are a couple more in my mind, but I can’t find any images. The most recent badass sitting boss was probably Xemnas in his armored throne form in Kingdom Hearts II. If you can think of any more beasts that battle so boldly, drop us a line!

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