Rambo Week: Afterthoughts II: The End

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I decided to take a day off to reflect on this manly week of everything Rambo, something I did whilst perched atop the highest tree in my backyard, tinkering and toying with a few loose grenade pins and a coin fortunate enough to have made it through three wars and one trip to The End of the World and back.

All said, Rambo Week was one of personal importance, and I hope that you all enjoyed it as well. It began as a humble attempt to chronicle one man’s excitement for a movie event, one that ended up exceeding all possible expectations.

You see, we’ll look back at Rambo IVJohn Rambo or whatever you want to call it; maybe Just Rambo, like the poster says—as a landmark action movie that saw an aging filmmaker throwing down a hefty and well-worn gauntlet. Oddly enough, this gauntlet is so specific and so form-fitting that the next person to pick it up and accept the challenge may have to be Stallone himself.

When he does, we will be there. The Joseph Luster Report will chronicle his endeavor, just as my Countdown clock will now let you know when Neil Marshall’s Doomsday is released. Just remember, we may have to walk a long road before experiencing something like Rambo Week again.

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